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Joining Youth of Walsall opens the door for further opportunities. You become part of our team and you get the opportunity to make a difference. The benefits of joining include making friends, having your say on different issues and getting involved in activities and campaigns that involve the voices of young people. If you are a young person and looking to try out something new, this is your opportunity. We welcome everyone from different backgrounds.


To join Youth of Walsall,  you should be:

  • Aged between 11 and 18 (secondary school age).

  • Living in Walsall.

  • In education (school, college or other education) or working. 

Sounds good? Want to find out more? Send us a message on social media or email us at and tell us why you would like to join Youth of Walsall. You can also fill out our form below.

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Why our members joined YOW

"I joined the Youth of Walsall (YOW) to inspire young people in Walsall and give them a say in today’s society. I believe young people are undermined and if we can start giving them a say locally, it will cause a national affect."

- Renee, Member of Youth Parliament and YOW Member

"I joined Youth of Walsall so that I would be able to make a difference within my community, to learn more about issues within my local area and to meet and work with other people with the same goal as me. I believe young people are overlooked and their voices aren’t heard, and groups like this enable us to have a voice. "

- Chloe, YOW Member

"Youth of Walsall has given me and other members the power, courage and a voice to make a positive change in our community. I joined three months ago and I have definitely found a way to express my thoughts with like-minded young people focusing on issues that affect our area by tackling or improving them."

- Harvind, YOW Member

"I joined YOW last year and have loved going ever since. Being born and raised in Walsall the recent increase of crime especially that of knives is upsetting, with YOW we have an opportunity to change Walsall for the youth of tomorrow."

- Ibrahim, SLPB youth representative for Walsall South and YOW Member

Share your Ideas!

YOW is an open forum for all young people, meaning you can get involved in many ways without committing to be a member to share your ideas.

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Youth of Walsall is a youth cabinet group, which empowers young people aged 11 to 18 to have their voices heard in the borough of Walsall

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