From left to right: Mohammed (DMYP), Renee (MYP), Mariam (MYP) and Vanti (DMYP)

In January 2017, young people across Walsall were invited to a workshop to prepare as a candidate for the Walsall UK Youth Parliament Elections. They were asked to write a manifesto and have their speech recorded.

In February 2017, participating schools had the opportunity to find out who the candidates were and decide who should represent the young people of Walsall. After voting was closed, YOW spent two meetings counting 6300 votes. Alongside the election, we also asked young people what issue we should focus on as a group.


In March 2017, 2 new Members of Youth Parliament and 2 deputies were elected to UK Youth Parliament. 

The photo shows the current members and deputies representing the young people of Walsall. They are also YOW members, meaning they will attend the meetings on a regular basis.


Votes were counted in the UKYP Elections in Walsall


Votes were counted in the survey alongside the elections. The survey asked what issues matter to young people in Walsall.

The most voted issue was...

Knife Crime and Gangs

Four other issues were also made a priority by young people:

Drugs and Alcohol


University Fees

Lack of things to do

Other issues also included on the ballot were:

Self Harm




Mental Health




Sex Abuse





Lunch Costs




Gender Equality

Full results breakdown:

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